PV Racking’s next generation solar pitched roof mount 


PV Stealth is now UL 2703 Certified!!

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–Available in black, clear and mill finishes–
–Lower, seamless profile–
–Fewer rails needed compared to conventional systems–
–Utilizes our clamp-free rail design–
–Perfect solution for customers concerned about aesthetics–

Additional Items available include: L-feet, End Caps, Micro-inverter/Optimizer Brackets and Rail Splices

L Foot


Elongated for better adjustability. Attaches to most commercially available composite, metal, and tile roof flashing and attachments. Comes with rail mounting nut and bolt.

End Caps

End Caps

Aluminum End Caps won’t crack, break or fall off after years of exposure to harsh sunlight. Comes with two self tapping screws and star washers.

Micro-Inverter - Optimizer Bracket

Micro-Inverter / Optimizer Bracket

Aluminum bracket designed to hold micro-inverters or optimizes securely in place under the panels. Comes with two rail mounting nuts and bolts and a bonding washer washer.

Rail Splice

Rail Splice

For those projects that need extra lengths of rail. Comes with two self-drilling screws and star washers.

Rails available in 204″ (17′) lengths.
Custom lengths available upon request.

Module Tilt Range: 9 to 45 degrees

Penetration Spacing: Up to 96″

Max Wind Speed: 120 MPH

Maximum Snow Load: 60psf

Module Orientation: Portrait or Landscape

Materials: Aluminum, stainless steel hardware

Penetration Type: Fits most flashing/attachment components

Wire Management: Optional (Wire Way, Wire Loop or Wire Clip Products)

Warranty: 15 years