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PV Racking’s next generation solar pitched roof mount 

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PV Stealth is now UL 2703 Certified!!

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Installation Manual

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–Available in black, clear and mill finishes–
–Lower, seamless profile–
–Fewer rails needed compared to conventional systems–
–Utilizes our clamp-free rail design–
–Perfect solution for customers concerned about aesthetics–

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Additional Items available include: L-feet, End Caps, Micro-inverter/Optimizer Brackets and Rail Splices

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L Foot


Elongated for better adjustability. Attaches to most commercially available composite, metal, and tile roof flashing and attachments. Comes with rail mounting nut and bolt.

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End Caps

End Caps

Aluminum End Caps won’t crack, break or fall off after years of exposure to harsh sunlight. Comes with two self tapping screws and star washers.

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Micro-Inverter - Optimizer Bracket

Micro-Inverter / Optimizer Bracket

Aluminum bracket designed to hold micro-inverters or optimizes securely in place under the panels. Comes with two rail mounting nuts and bolts and a bonding washer washer.

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Rail Splice

Rail Splice

For those projects that need extra lengths of rail. Comes with two self-drilling screws and star washers.

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Rails available in 204″ (17′) lengths.
Custom lengths available upon request.

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Module Tilt Range: 9 to 45 degrees

Penetration Spacing: Up to 96″

Max Wind Speed: 120 MPH

Maximum Snow Load: 60psf

Module Orientation: Portrait or Landscape

Materials: Aluminum, stainless steel hardware

Penetration Type: Fits most flashing/attachment components

Wire Management: Optional (Wire Way, Wire Loop or Wire Clip Products)

Warranty: 15 years